At Alder + Brooks Boutique, we believe that style can be simple, look effortless, and feel wonderful at the same time. We’ve curated a versatile collection to bridge the gap between home, work, a day at the movies with your girlfriends, and date night out on the town.

 Whether you’re shopping for a pair of earrings for your sister-in-law or for your own new favorite pair of jeans, at Alder + Brooks Boutique, we want you to leave feeling like you have a new way to express your unique personality.

 If you can't make it to Portland, don't worry! We ship! Shop in your pajamas... on your lunch break at work... in the airport... wherever you like to do your shopping!



As a pre-teen, our founder, Jacqueline ("Jackie") Hogle, drew floor plans of her future store, hoping to someday have a business of her own. By 2018, she'd held various retail buying and management positions, finished a related bachelor's degree, and found an ideal space for the type of business Jackie wanted to bring to her hometown, Salem, Oregon, to fill a void downtown. It was time for the dream to come alive. She opened Revival Clothiers in 2019. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit in early 2020, and one week before the business's first anniversary, clothing boutiques were forced to close down, and Revival Clothiers gave up their temporary lease due to the uncertainty over reopening. Over the next 20 or so months, Jackie focused on selling online, at outdoor markets, and even at the state fair, while waiting for pandemic aid to come through.

When it finally did come through, Jackie took the opportunity to rebrand and move the boutique to Portland's boutique district on Northwest 23rd Avenue, where we are now located. 

Alder + Brooks is a name that reflects strength, resilience, calm, nature, and has personal significance. Alder trees are known to grow stronger, even when fully submerged underwater, a quality that speaks to Jackie after overcoming many obstacles personally and professionally. The Alder Street bridge in Portland is also close by the shop. Brooks, while notating wandering streams, was also Jackie's late father's name, and is also the name of a nearby Oregon town.